Monday, December 17, 2007

another way of looking @ it

Another idea that has returned into my mind at this time of year, when the days grow longer yet busy is the ancient Greek way of looking at time.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Damned Camp & Readymades

The two remaining issues to be resolved and completed with this dissertation blog are:

1) one minor revision to include of the philosophy and ideas of Marcel Duchamp, exploring the link between art and hoax which is so evident (yet self-concealing) in his Readymades

...but in addition to Duchamp, I'm going to add some related comments regarding Charles Fort's ideas of "damned data" as it relates to both Schirmacher and Zielinski - particularly to the idea of Variantology.

...and potentially make some brief references to Susan Sontag's brilliant & short essay "Notes on Camp" - largely because 'camp' is concerned with aesthetics and virisimilitude and as such is closely related to outright hoax.

2) submit the final version in .pdf for initial online publication on the EGS website.

...beyond that, I am gearing up to teach a 2nd year of the online portion of Zielinski's course "The History of Audiovisuality"
(and get all of this done along with some new syllabi during the winter break)