Monday, April 14, 2008

another "coming thing"

I came across these videos on YouTube. After this month's Rick Rolling experiments, my first thought was that these were clever hoaxes. Or meta critiques on hoaxes such as Michel Gondry's latest rubiks cube video. 

Whatever these interface/projections are, I know that it's important, but I don't know how or why quite yet. I do know that it is going to change things. Take a look for yourself:

It reminds me of a running gag from "Brisco County Jr." From wikipedia:
Another main theme was that Brisco was always looking for "the coming thing" which he found with great regularity. While many were technological (motorcycles, blimps, tanks, and denim), many others were cultural. This includes references to future musicals such as "Annie Get Your Gun" and "Hello, Dolly" as well as cultural events such as Elvis impersonators, Led Zeppelin and sobriety tests.


Whatever this is, it's certainly a coming thing.

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