Friday, March 12, 2010

While teaching four classes this semester, and working on program reviews and revisions, it's too easy to loose sight of the reason why we come together in a university: to study, to research, to read, to discuss, to learn.

The Communicative Arts Seminar is that one shining example of students, instructors and others coming together to ask complicated questions and to create a context for the vast sums of information that we encounter every day.

Over the next few months, this weblog will be upgraded and possible moved.

In the meantime it will act as a repository for some continuing research about the collision between "User Experience Design" "Media Pedagogy" "Teaching Live Video Switching" and creating a context.

In a word, it's about "Interface". Or worse, that German word "Schnittstelle" that I stumbled back across while preparing a presentation on social media for the TIVA-DC and BU-CDIA.

Also, it's about using research to create new, relevant content. I hope that's what I did in the video above...and I hope that's what we'll do here.

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